So Ive been Scouted Today..

2013-01-19 19:38:45 by KleptoidKat

Just like it says up there, I have finally been scouted today.

However I cant remember who scouted me..

If that certain person sees this post, I just wanted to thank him/her gratefully (Thank You).

Cause of you, now I can be seen by the Newgrounds Hip Hop Scene (and other dudes).

Also, much thanks to SonOYa for giving me my 1st comment on SoundCloud.

You should check this dude out, pretty talented in what he does (Mostly Electronic Music).

Dont forget to Like my Facebook, and Follow Me on Twitter.

Will be uploading more soon.


- Phonix

So Ive been Scouted Today..


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2013-01-19 20:28:59

Grats bro, keep up the good work!


2013-01-19 20:34:34

Congrats! It should tell you somewhere who's scouted you.


2013-05-16 16:04:21

Lol I'm pretty sure it was me who scouted you. You definitely deserve it though homie. See you in Clabtrap!

Oh and just some advice for the upcoming mini tourney- do your research on your opponent! The judges will eat you alive if you don't bring personal bars! Good luck dude!

KleptoidKat responds:

No shit?? Goddamn, well thanks for scouting me man, haha.

Will do, after watching the past battles, I can see that personals are effective as hell.