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goyz, new tapes FTW

2017-02-08 21:16:49 by KleptoidKat

style oriented - Qwarts EP [6 tracks]

lyrical miracle also spiritual individual type shit - Drowning In Dirt EP [5 tracks]

shaving off all the hair on your body with the exception of 2 rectangular shaped ordeals right above both earflaps beforehand is highly recommended.

please do not wait. call now.

Q ~~


here is my new rap tape, perhaps you will enjoy these textures.


in other news, i am of korean descent.

Q ~~

Dropped a rap tape, a 17 ruff track bundle of raps and a few beats.

Raise your hands, question the answer, if you can.


- Qwaint

sexyrodent that ass

2015-07-13 16:42:48 by KleptoidKat

7/18, droppin Tail of Thought LP (a collection of ruff tracks from 2011 - 2014).




DBL U TAPE [HWY & Qwaint]

2015-06-26 16:21:45 by KleptoidKat

~margarine loops 2015~

HWY x Qwaint




~hit it up before you give it up~

DBL U , a collab tape by HWY & Qwaint, drops on 6/26


HWY: http://promethicus.newgrounds.com/

~Coming Soon~

2015-05-28 21:22:35 by KleptoidKat

So Wumbo.



Produced/Mixed by Qwaint


2015-01-13 19:40:39 by KleptoidKat

If you support legalization of cannabis please support this!

Only 135 votes left!


and share it!

- Qwaint

Droppin New Tape on Jan 7th!!

2015-01-04 22:09:46 by KleptoidKat

For now heres a New Free Beat (not related to tape, but still dope), enjoy!

~~bundle of sticks~~

- Qwaint

~~Breaking Fucking News~~

2014-12-31 18:13:20 by KleptoidKat

Ahh, another year to experience, its strange really. This year was compact with so much loss yet accomponied by new technology and a stronger sense of awareness overall. Much gain. I try not to dwell too much on the past, after all you cant walk backwards. To 2015, I hope you guys have a good new years!

Thanks to all that have given me support, you guys are so precious to me.

Will be dropping "new tape" on Jan 7 because I want to.. unless I forget or something. Meanwhile, please enjoy this clip of a fat guy dancing in a store. Now imagine him without clothes.


- Qwaint

(If you are interested in more good music, please check out the collective im in. We call ourselves HDC)